Dietitian Nutritionist, I am fortunate and privileged to work in a profession that I love, with 5 areas of focus: high-level sports, sports and health, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory rehabilitation, and cardio-onco-rehabilitation. These 5 entities have one thing in common: an appropriate diet allows one to achieve their goal, whether it’s for recreational purposes (sports) or essential (clinical settings).

My professional journey

Clinical Dietitian in cardiac rehabilitation

Since 2004 at Cardiocéan Cardiac Rehabilitation Center in La Rochelle, which welcomes patients with cardiovascular conditions (bypass surgery, stent placement, valve replacement, heart failure, arteritis…) and requires tailored rehabilitation based on their profile and immediate environment. I provide individual follow-up with the objective of dietary rebalancing (reorientation) so that patients adopt a balanced and preventive diet. The concept of adoption is important because once they leave Cardiocéan, they will be free and will need to manage themselves, be « autonomous. »

Since 2020, still within the same center, I have been involved in cardio-onco-rehabilitation stays for patients in the post-treatment phase of breast cancer.

Sports Nutritionist

From 2008 to February 2016, I worked as a Dietitian Nutritionist for the Nutratlétic range (Research and Development Department), providing support to high-level athletes. These are true human machines where nutrition plays a role as important as training, particularly to prevent injuries and ensure sufficient energy levels. It was with this experience, along with feedback from partner athletes and requests from their club mates, that I had the idea to create my website.

Clinical Dietitian in pulmonary rehabilitation

Since 2010, I have been a Dietitian Nutritionist at the pulmonary rehabilitation center of La Croix Rouge in La Rochelle (Villa Richelieu), which caters to patients with chronic respiratory conditions, post-acute or post-surgical pathologies related to the pulmonary system (COPD, chronic respiratory failure, etc.).

Speaker and presenter at events

I also conduct interventions with sports clubs (athletics, triathlon, rugby, swimming, training centers, etc.), at sports events (Paris Marathon, Festival des Templiers, amateur and professional sports clubs), or for specific audiences (cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic pathologies, overweight adolescents, etc.).

Writing articles and books

I have written several books (Runningfood, Athletefood, Marathonfood, Trail Coaching nutrition, My Delicious Program for Taking Care of My Heart, Athlete Recipes, and Immuno-Boost), eBooks, and have contributed to various articles and interviews for media outlets (Le Monde, Sud Ouest, Cosmopolitan, Ilosport, Madame Figaro, etc.).

My education

Consistent with my professional focus areas, I hold various degrees:

  • BTS Diététique (Dietetics) in 2003
  • Diplôme Universitaire en Nutrition du Sport (University Diploma in Sports Nutrition) obtained in 2005 under the guidance of Professor Daniel Riviere
  • Diplôme Universitaire en Nutrition et Troubles du Comportement Alimentaire (University Diploma in Nutrition and Eating Disorders) obtained in 2007 under the guidance of Professor Julien-Daniel Guelfi
  • Diplôme Universitaire en Nutrition et Maladies Métaboliques (University Diploma in Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases) obtained in 2014 under the guidance of Professor Fabrice Bonnet
  • D.E.S.S. Ingénierie de l’Entrainement Sportif (Masters in Sports Training Engineering) obtained in 2001 under the guidance of Professor Georges Cazorla
  • Licence de Biochimie Structurale (Bachelor’s degree in Structural Biochemistry) obtained in 1999

I emphasize the obtained degrees because the internet is filled with « sports nutritionists, » « nutrition coaches, » etc. who do not require any formal education. I have actually written an article addressing this topic: « Diplomas in Sports Nutrition. »

Why did I create my website?

My various fields of application, combined with my additional training, allow me to interact with diverse and interesting audiences. Each of them has specific demands and objectives, with different means to achieve them, and that’s what makes it rich and rewarding.

I created my website simply to provide you with the keys to nutrition that is tailored to your physical activity, the season, and respectful of human values. You will find dietary advice, ideas for homemade sports recipes, guidance for those who want to combine nutrition and health, and finally, my comparisons of commercially available energy products.

For those who are interested, I offer personalized meal plans (which may be covered by your health insurance) directly derived from the plans provided to high-level athletes. I invite you to read some testimonials from the athletes I work with.

Sports Dietitian Nutritionist and Clinical Dietitian