Stéphanie ANCELIN – Semi and Marathon

Par Nicolas Aubineau - 2 minutes de lecture

Stephanie AncelinCan you tell me how you discover my website? What made you decide to go forward and made you ask for my services?

I asked for your services as I became a vegetarian more or less three years ago. Despite reading some books about the matter, and some articles on different blogs, I thought it would be smart to ask a professional in order to balance my meals, to be sure to make the right choices concerning my alimentation.


What changes did you see regarding your alimentation, before and after consulting me?

It brought me a security, I mean, coming from a nutrition professional, I am sure that your advices are the right ones for my daily and sportive life.


In a nutshell, what changed in your « daily alimentation »?

I would say the more important change for me was the increase of dairy intake and the consumption of eggs.


Were the changes difficult to adapt to your everyday life?

It was hard with the increase of dairy consumption (yogurt, milk, cheese) at first. I think this is because I was used to eat animal issued dairy products.


I quickly switched to vegetal issued dairy products (except for cheese) and I realised how digestion was easier.


How do you see alimentation now compared to how it was before?

I think now that my alimentation is more balanced.


Did it change something in your food behaviour? Do you see a real improvement of your performances, a better recovery, less wounding, a better general health?

Yes, something changed in my food behaviour. Before, I was easily tempted by pastries, not anymore. I was rarely eating oleaginous proteins while now, they are part of my everyday diet.


I feel less tired and I also feel like I have an improved recovery. I indeed increased my trainings those last 4 weeks without feeling any added fatigue.


As a conclusion, were your objectives reached?

For my sport objective, I need to be a little more patient, but on the diet and health matter, yes, my goal is definitely reached.


Main results:
Paris Marathon 2015 – 4h48
Ambert Trail 2015 (12km) – 1h27
Viaduc de Millau race 2012 – 2h34
Le Havre Semi-marathon 2009 – 1h53


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