Recipes for Athletes

As a sports dietitian, I offer numerous recipes for athletes to create their own energy products. Here are my homemade sports recipes, which are easy to make and come with nutritional analysis to compare them with each other or with equivalent commercially available products. You’ll benefit in two ways: you’ll have a product whose ingredients you know and its cost will be lower compared to its commercial counterpart.

In line with sports recipes, I provide comparisons of commercially available energy products to rank different products (energy drinks, bars, or gels, recovery drinks, or electrolytes). With this two-dimensional ranking based on quality (adequate presence of active ingredients) and price, you can make an informed choice!

I also offer dietary advice focused on sports nutrition, including pre-, during, and post-workout nutrition, balanced and varied diet, as well as a section on clinical dietetics (cholesterol, etc.). It’s a prominent part of my website with over 50 articles.

For those interested in their health, I have a section on health prevention that includes numerous articles on combining nutrition and health. It’s a qualitatively rich section.

If you want to learn more about me, I have a dedicated page with my qualifications and professional background.

Frequently asked questions about sports recipes

Are homemade products better than commercial ones?

It’s impossible to generalize. The goal here is not necessarily to have a better product, but rather an energy product that costs less, for example, for training purposes. However, in my sports recipes, I provide nutritional analysis, so you can compare, and the vast majority of what I offer has it.

How can I determine the nutritional analysis of my energy product?

You need to use a specific tool such as Ciqual, for example, which allows you to determine the nutritional analysis based on the ingredients (and their quantities) before cooking. This is the work of a dietitian, among other things.

What is my best recipe for athletes?

It’s difficult to answer, but the most popular one is definitely the energy cake that replaces the pre-race breakfast. It costs three times less than store-bought options and provides significantly more nutritional benefits. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 😊

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