opinion nicolas aubineauWhat is better than the testimonials of sports, sportsmen that I am to explain what brings my personalized food monitoring service?

Here is a small sample of testimonials they provide me, a big thank you to them (herewith a photo with Aurélia Truel).

Each follow-up is different, each test is lived differently, it is all of these points that make the richness of my passion, my job: Sports Dietician Nutritionist.


In order to facilitate your research, I classified the various testimonies by discipline or possible specificities of food.



Stéphanie ANCELIN – Semi-marathon, Marathon et Trail

stéphanie ancelinHaving become a vegetarian for a few years, Stéphanie used my services to balance her meals with regard to her sporting activity. Its exercise performance has improved through better quality recovery over the course of follow-up and a reduction in daily fatigue.

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Hugues PIAU – 10km, Semi-marathon and Marathon

hugues piauWith a goal of -2h50 in the Paris Marathon, Hugues has used my services to help him achieve this goal. Work has been done on food balancing according to the workload but also during the day. The result was conclusive with his record on the 10km of Vincennes, on the semi of Paris (1h16’12) and above all, the objective of the MdP reached!

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Alexis VALTAT – Marathon, Trail and Ultra Trail

alexis valtatAlexis reads my site a lot and as he had a big goal (Marathon Rotterdam), he took the step with a personalized follow-up. After many exchanges that allowed to ask a frame, I worked his energy contributions including carbohydrates and protein. The result was conclusive with his record to the key: 2h39’25!

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Aurelia TRUEL – Cross et Trail

aurelia truelI follow Aurelia since 2011 and it is a pleasure to collaborate with her. Top athlete (Winner EcoTrail, Vice World Champion Trail 2013, Triple World Champion team …), Aurélia gives much importance to his diet to help him have the necessary energy but also optimize his recovery.

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Alain BONNOUVRIER – Trail et Ultra Trail

Alain BonnouvrierUltratrailer experienced for many years (GRR, UTMB, GRP …), Alain has looked a little closer to his diet, wishing to move from theory to practice and bring a plus to its preparation of the GRP during of this follow-up. His regular progression combined with a good assimilation of his own diet allowed him to improve the triad performance, pleasure and recovery.

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Grégoire VARONA – France – Ultra Trail

gregoire varonaSite reader (comparative, recipes, thematic files), Grégoire is an ultra trailer that is not cold. He took a follow-up food and thus realized among others in 2016 the Trail of the Citadels (70km – 3rd), the Ultra Pas du Diable (120km – 8th (17h00)), the Cyclosportive « L’Ariégeoise » (169k – 194th (7h20)), the UTMB (403rd (38h00)) and the Diagonale des Fous (26th (37h00)). The follow-up helped to structure his daily diet and to bring him important points.

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