The nutrition and health link

As a Sports Dietitian Nutritionist, I try to raise awareness of the obvious link between nutrition and health. The daily diet has an impact on your health with a view to avoiding deficiencies and/or possible deficiencies that can lead to illnesses, injuries, various ailments in the short, medium and long terms.

The link between nutrition, health, physical activity

Having a balanced, adapted diet helps prevent many diseases (cancer, diabetes, obesity, metabolic, cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, etc.). Numerous studies demonstrate this. For its part, sport or more simply adapted physical activity also makes it possible to fight effectively against these various pathologies in order to provide a prophylactic ground for one’s health. Just by combining a diversified, varied, balanced diet with chronic physical activity, your body will only be healthier and the notion of « Taking care of yourself » then takes on its full meaning. We talk about synergy of action.

What is covered in this nutrition and health section?

I discuss here everything that is beneficial for the body such as probiotics, spirulina, omega 3 (etc.) but also how to stimulate the immune system, the benefits of fasting, the acid-base balance… I explains to you how all this goes through your plate, your eating behavior and how it is good for your health on a daily basis. I repeat myself quite often, but it’s always good to say it too much rather than not enough: food is one of the three vital pillars along with sleep and hydration.

A balanced diet promotes good health

It is important to understand that a balanced, healthy diet promotes your health and that it is not just a simple gustatory pleasure. The rhythm of the meals, their composition, the quality of the ingredients and their synergy are all important factors. I explain it to you here.

What are my articles on health nutrition?

On my website, I discuss different dietary advice adapted for sport, healthy sport but also the clinic (nutrients, sports nutrition, diets, food before, during and after an effort…) , I offer sports recipes to make your own energy products and comparisons of energy products on the market (drinks, bars and energy gels, among others). The essential goal remains that each person, whether athletic or not, finds what brings him a real « plus » in his daily diet and his way of seeing nutrition on his health. It is by understanding what we do that we integrate and evolve positively in our way of being and doing. If you want to know more about me, here is my presentation sheet as well as my prices for personalized food monitoring.

Nicolas Aubineau
Dietitian Nutritionist for Sport and Clinic