Hugues Piau – Marathon

Par Nicolas Aubineau - 3 minutes de lecture

Hugues piau marathonRaces, principal and secondary, acheived times:

Secondary races are the Vincennes 10km 2016 in 34’2 (personal record) and the Paris Semi marathon in 1h16’12 (personal record). The main objective was the 2016 Paris Marathon in less than 2h50 and achieved in 2h49’33.


Can you tell me how you discover my website?

Through Facebook publications that were liked by some of my friends.


What made you decide to go forward and made you ask for my services?

To reassure myself in my everyday intakes, to answer all the questions that I had at the time and to get some advices regarding the objective I had (4 Months before and up to the D day).


What did my services bring you regarding your food management?

It really reassured me and helped me balancing my daily and weekly food intakes in order to avoid any lacks.


In a nutshell, what changed in your « daily alimentation »?

It made me realise how important was the quantity management of macro-nutrients : spread them amongst all the daily meals. Also I realised how to manage my weight (I weight 80kg so I could not compare myself to my marathon runners friends who weight 60kg…).


It also allowed me to be quieter regarding competition and to have less digestive troubles.


Were the changes difficult to adapt to your everyday life?

No, it’s really all about organisation. It’s not complicated to follow but it needs some changes (how you eat, what you buy and where you buy it, diversify intakes…). I can’t say I was restraining myself. I’m very greedy so I was compensation with the « no limit » food like vegetable soups or sautéed vegetables.


How do you see alimentation now compared to how it was before?

This conducting wire is still in my head and I avoid to go away from it. I feel balanced, more Zen, with a real management of what I put in my plate.


Did it change something in your food behaviour?

Yes, I eat more diversified food. I structure my meals along the days, being aware of the different food families. If needed, I balance with the equivalence Nicolas gave me in the plan. I listen more to my body.


Do you see a real improvement of your performances, a better recovery, less wounding, a better general health?

Yes, I don’t have any pain like tendinitis anymore. I sleep better, I feel shaper and I do not suffer anymore from too rich meals. When doing sport, I can finally eat and drink without pain.


As a conclusion, were your objectives reached?

Yes, totally!


Would you recommend my plans to friends or family?

Of course! It’s already done!



For the same reasons that I came to you in the first place, to find professional advices coming from real experiences with sportsmen from average to high level, taking into account their everyday life strains.


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