Grégoire VARONA – Ultra trail

Par Nicolas Aubineau - 3 minutes de lecture

Gregoire VaronaCan you tell me how you discover my website?

I found out about you by reading the energy drink comparative analysis and the information about alimentation on your website.


What made you decide to go forward and made you ask for my services?

I always had difficulties regarding alimentation and hydration when I was doing Ultra trails. 2015 was a key year to me as, several times, even if I was extremely well prepared, I had a hard time ending my races and I even had to give up on one because I was vomiting and had a strong general fatigue.


What did my services bring you regarding your food management?

I learned how to get a better qualitative and quantitative diet and precious tips about how to organise and manage my races.


In a nutshell, what changed in your « daily alimentation »?

It deeply changed my food habits. The food plan allowed me to structure, qualitatively and quantitatively, my everyday intakes with a higher water supply, the adding of oleaginous fruits and the taking of a much bigger and better breakfast.


In order to keep a weight that was compatible with my objectives, I usually reduced the consumption of some ingredients, like bread for example. Now I can say that I eat more, and better.


Were the changes difficult to adapt to your everyday life?

The organisation of the food plan throughout my everyday life was not really easy. It requires organisation and time. Indeed, preparing meals everyday with fresh products takes time which we often don’t have among work, trainings, family …!


How do you see alimentation now compared to how it was before?

I am surveying my alimentation a lot more now than before. I consider food as essential for the good functioning of my body.


Did it change something in your food behaviour?

Today I eat more, and better.


Do you see a real improvement of your performances, a better recovery, less wounding, a better general health?

On the sport scale, I realised that I raised my training time because I felt really motivated for it. Recovery between 2 objectives (UTMB and 2016 Diagonale) was optimized and very short. I got no injuries in 2016!!! Everyday, I feel more dynamic and more efficient in my work. I feel good and in a good mood. I am healthy and never got sick (flu, bronchitis…)


As a conclusion, were your objectives reached?

Yes, and way beyond my expectations!


Would you recommend my plans to friends or family? Why?

I did considering the following of this food plan was a key decision regarding my best 2016 performances.


My 2016 races with food coaching:

Black Mountain Trail – 55k – 3rd

Trail des Citadelles – 70k – 3rd

Ultra Pas Du Diable – 120K – 8th (17h00)

Cyclosportive « L’Ariégeoise » – 169k – 194th (7h20)

UTMB – 403rd (38h00)

Diagonale des Fous – 126th (37h00)


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