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Gluten free diet

Par Nicolas Aubineau - 2 minutes de lecture

gluten free dietGluten free diet ? What is it ?

Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is a permanent intolerance to one or more protein fractions of gluten resulting in destruction of the villi of the small intestine, a source of malabsorption of nutrients in general. The body releases antibodies to these fragments and alters the walls of the intestine.


However, gluten intolerance must be distinguished from the rarer wheat (or gluten) allergies, which have different immune mechanisms (eg, IgE reactions associated with angioedema).


Gluten is a reserve protein contained in certain cereals: wheat (wheat, spelled, small spelled, kamut, bulgar), rye, barley, oats.


Symptoms of gluten intolerance

Variable according to individuals, these are often digestive disorders type diarrhea associated generally with fatigue more or less important, a fast slimming due to secondary malabsorption. Also, there may be a risk of anemia by iron malabsorption, muscle disorders such as cramps, osteoporosis over the long term.



There is only one, that is to eliminate products containing gluten in all forms. People who are intolerant to gluten must be careful when they are outdoors or out of doors (restaurants, communities, friendship circle, etc.) but also when they are shopping: food from everyday life (bread, pasta, biscuits, delicatessen or pastries …). Indeed, gluten can be present in direct form (flour, semolina, cream, flake …), in the form of additives (binder, thickener, anti-caking agent …), or by cross contamination in the production lines.


The solution

Choose first natural, gluten-free, uncooked and unprocessed foods, and prepare your meals yourself. The food spectrum is wide.


As a second-line addition, choose foods where the « Epi of wheat in a circle » French logo is present, this certifies that the product concerned is free of gluten. Non-negligible advantage, there are many manufacturers of gluten-free products on the market. The intolerant to gluten can therefore be pleased: bread, pasta, sweet and savory biscuits, cereals, cakes, bread preparations, buns, cakes …


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