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Dairy free diet

Par Nicolas Aubineau - 2 minutes de lecture

dairy free dietDairy free diet or Lactose free diet : what is it ?

This dysfunction is present when the organism shows a lactase deficiency, a digestive enzyme necessary for the digestion of milk sugar: lactose, a disaccharide composed of a molecule of glucose and a molecule of galactose. The assimilation of this sugar takes place in the small intestine.


Note: This intolerance is very rare in very young children and becomes more common from the age of five.


Symptoms of intolerence

Consequently, the consumption of milk and dairy products promotes the development of digestive disorders (lactose passes into the intestine without being digested): bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation. The time to onset the disorder can range from ten minutes to several hours after ingestion and may last up to several days depending on the degree of intolerance. The latter is variable from one individual to another. Some people do not produce or not enough lactase. Also, the amount of food already in the digestive system, the form in which the lactose is ingested (liquid, solid …), the physical and psychological states of the person, the composition of its intestinal flora have non negligible influences.


Treatments and solutions

Lactose is present in the milk of almost all mammals (cow, sheep, goat …). It is important not to completely exclude all dairy products, a natural source of very well-assimilated calcium, and it is important for each person to consume those that are tolerated best.


Thus, very well assimilated, hard cheeses (Emmental, Gruyère …) and extra-hard cheese (Parmesan) no longer contain lactose unlike semi-hard or soft cheeses (camembert, brie, tomme, …) where the lactose is still present, but in trace amounts. Also, fresh cheese (cheese, cheese, litter …) digest well, lactose having been partially digested by lactic acid bacteria, but still a little lactose.


One Tip: test your personal tolerance level and look at what you can bring to your body without causing trouble.


Dairy free diet and sport

Finally, I will end by warning sportsmen and sportswomen about the importance of carefully reading the list of ingredients of labels. Lactose is frequently found in the industry for the production of processed products (eg cooked dishes, energy bars). For those who are very intolerant, it is necessary to take into account the sources that bring in: whole or skimmed milk powder, whey, liquid or powdered.


Sports Dietitian Nutritionist


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