Energy products comparisons

As a Sports Nutritionist, I take it to heart to help athletes eat well according to their goals. Among my flagship pages, the comparisons of energy products specific to sports are 100% focused on this objective. Through my comparisons, you can make an informed choice of energy drinks, bars or gels, electrolyte drinks, or recovery drinks.

Why did I create energy product comparisons?

Few athletes really know what their drink contains, the ingredients that are beneficial before, during, or after exercise. I like to emphasize that marketing is king in the sports nutrition industry, and there are still major brands that recommend their drink before, during, and after exercise, which is impossible. Just in terms of proteins, the post-exercise requirement is too high to be regularly consumed during exercise.

On what criteria do I base my ratings and product comparisons?

I visit the websites of each brand, analyze the nutritional information, and compare them based on equal volumes (e.g., for 500ml of reconstituted drink or 25g for gels). Then, according to my recommendations, I rate them if a particular active ingredient is present in the quantity I advise, a slightly lower rating if it is present but in a lesser quantity, and a 0 if it is not present. For the price rating, I base it on the average of different brands to make it roughly 10/20, and the deviations determine a better or worse rating. Finally, I calculate an overall average based on the quality and price ratio. It is up to each individual to prioritize quality/price ratio, quality alone, or price alone.

Am I sponsored by any brand?

No, I have no affiliation with any brand whatsoever. The best proof is that, among my 5 comparisons, there are 4 different brands, whether it’s in terms of quality or quality/price ratio. I have nothing to sell, just advice to offer.

What else do I offer on my website?

I provide numerous dietary tips for sports, including what to consume before, during, or after exercise, dietary recommendations based on your specific sport, important nutrients and active ingredients in sports nutrition, and important concepts in sports nutrition.

I also share recipes for homemade sports products that you can make at home, such as homemade sports cake, energy drinks, bars, or gels. Quality for a lower price, always interesting :-).

For individuals with specific dietary habits (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.) or specific sports-related diets (low-carb, paleo, keto, etc.), I provide guidance on how to combine your diet with sports.

I have also created a section on nutrition and health, where I explain how to maintain good health through nutrition. There are numerous valuable tips in this section.

If you want to know more about me, I have created a presentation page summarizing my professional background and qualifications.

Sports Nutritionist and Clinical Dietitian