Clinical Dietetics

As a Clinical Nutritionist in a clinic, I am fortunate and privileged to practice a profession that I love, with four main areas of focus: sports health, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory rehabilitation, and cardio-oncological rehabilitation. These different entities share a common factor: a balanced and adapted diet, in line with the other three vital pillars of sleep, hydration, and physical activity, allows one to achieve their vital objective and, ultimately, their internal balance. I provide you with dietary advice in this regard.

I also address the dietary preparation for a race (during physical preparation, the week leading up to it, etc.), nutrition during a race (refueling, explanations on drinks, bars, gels, etc.), and post-race nutrition (what to eat after a race, recovery drinks, etc.). I focus on specific dietary considerations for different disciplines (trail running, road running, triathlon, football, etc.).

I explain the role and importance of various nutrients and active compounds such as sodium, potassium, probiotics, omega-3, spirulina, etc. It is crucial to understand the role of each one to determine whether or not they should be consumed and if so, at what time. Finally, I cover sports nutrition as a whole (glycemic index, body weight, energy metabolism, etc.), as well as provide dietary advice for everyday life (ideal breakfast, seasonal fruits and vegetables, food preservation, etc.).

Whether you are vegetarian or have food allergies (gluten, lactose), I offer articles and menus to help you eat well.

Sports and Clinical Nutritionist