Alexis VALTAT – Marathon

Par Nicolas Aubineau - 4 minutes de lecture

alexis valtatCan you tell me how you discover my website?

By a friend who I chat with a lot about alimentation. I gave me your gel and drink comparative studies.


What made you decide to go forward and made you ask for my services?

Actually, I spent a lot of time on your website! I tried a few recipes (especially the effort crepes, they are great!), read your articles about food supplements, alimentation, hydration… I though the alimentation question was well answered so, as I had an important objective (2015 Rotterdam marathon), I went on with your services.


What changes did you see regarding your alimentation, before and after consulting me?

First of all, the food plan brought me a frame. Even if I knew the great principles of alimentation, it allowed me to adjust the quantities (carbohydrates, proteins). Moreover, I improved the quality of my alimentation especially regarding the food supplements. Those are very important matters when training is important in order to see results and consequently, to avoid wounding or hurting yourself.


In a nutshell, what changed in your « daily alimentation »?

I reduced the « to avoid » ingredients that I am quite stuck with! The first week, I used a scale to better understand the quantities. I added a fresh juice to my breakfast and a slice of ham to the dairy product and the cereals that I used to eat. Breakfast was richer in proteins. I also added food complements in the mornings and the evenings. I changed my snack which was previously a cereal bar or a fruit, by fruits and oleaginous products.


Were the changes difficult to adapt to your everyday life?

No, because eating properly does not necessarily mean to spend hours in the kitchen cooking! You just have to cook simply with the less « transformed » possible ingredients.


How do you see alimentation now compared to how it was before?

My food vision has not changed. I already know how essential it is to have an healthy alimentation when you practice a sport. Moreover, alimentation is a great source of pleasure for me.


Did it change something in your food behaviour?

I realised that I was missing some ingredients in my alimentation like oleaginous products and that, during a training phase with a lot of effort, it is important to add food complements. The plan was also a special exchange moment with a professional who explained to me every details of it. It is even more important to me as I like to understand why I am doing something, or following one’s plan…


Do you see a real improvement of your performances, a better recovery, less wounding, a better general health?

I contacted Nicolas a month before my objective. By the time I had some pain around my knee and I was in the middle of my training. I felt that I was « borderline ». One month before the objective is an important phase where you cannot slow down! Readjusting my alimentation (with the help of my physical therapist too), helped me to go through this period and to be fully prepared on the D day. Also, the alimentary plan before competition, helped me to stock properly the needed glycogen! Rotterdam was my 3rd marathon and that was the first time that there were so little difference between my 1st and my 2nd semi marathon : only a 10sec gap (and an improved time of 6′ regarding my previous marathon 18 months earlier). An adapted alimentation 3 days before a marathon is very important to maintain pace. I felt no lack of any kind and I had energy until the end of the challenge! Compared to my previous experiences, carbohydrates supplies were way more important the 3 days before the race.


As a conclusion, were your objectives reached?

Totally! I wanted to be fully prepared for the Rotterdam marathon and it is certain that the food plan acted in the achievement of my objective.


Would you recommend my plans to family and/or friends?

Yes! Why? Because it works! For every person doing a lot of sport, it’s interesting to have someone following you. It allows yourself to adjust your alimentation, to realise that you might be making some errors and that you can do more and better. This plan helped me through my objective preparation but I will use it again for my upcoming sport challenges.


Last results:

Rotterdam Marathon, April 2015: 2h39’25

Paris Semi marathon, March 2014 : 1h15’50

L’Equipe 10k, June 2014 : 34’28

Saintelyon 2014 : 101e, 7h10

Summer Trail of val de marne 20/7/2014 – 21.1km – 1exaequo/113

Sully Noctutrail 4/10/2014 – 17k – 3/281

L’isle adam Trail 12/10/2014 – 30k – 2/156

Run&Bike Paris 19/10/2014 – 18k

Trail des flambeaux 15/11/2014 – 18k – 3/452

Trail extreme lillois 16/11/2014 – 30k – 1/160


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