Alain Bonnouvrier – Trail and Ultra trail

Par Nicolas Aubineau - 3 minutes de lecture

alain bonnouvrierMain and secondary races

2 UTMB, 2 Diagonales des fous, 8 times the Grand Raid des Pyrénées (80, 120 or 160 km, one done during the coaching, 2017) and many shorter trails mostly done in Les Pyrénées. Almost always « finisher » but… for from being the 1st!


Can you tell me how you discover my website? What made you decide to go forward and made you ask for my services?

I searched over the web to find information about dieting and I found your website. Curiosity to find out what could bring me my alimentation pushed me into subscribing to your program.


What did my services bring you regarding your food management?

More variety in the preparation of my meals and a better comprehension of what food has to bring. I understand better the great principles of a balanced alimentation and I apply it to my everyday life.


In a nutshell, what changed in your « daily alimentation »?

I quit eating classic meals (starter-main-desert), that were most of the time too copious. Now, my meals have more elements composing them but they are easier to digest. Before, I felt heavy after eating, it’s not the case anymore.


Were the changes difficult to adapt to your everyday life?

At first a little, but you adapt very quickly and it even become a satisfaction to search for new food, to try vegetables, fruits or any other ingredient that I wasn’t used to.


How do you see alimentation now compared to how it was before?

Before, I thought about all of this as very theoretical with all these information that you can find on the Internet… Now, I think I know all the great principles of a balanced alimentation and I enjoy applying it to my everyday life.


Did it change something in your food behaviour? Do you see a real improvement of your performances, a better recovery, less wounding, a better general health?

For example, it was hard for me to go without chocolate. Now, I almost never eat any and I quit easily. Same thing with pizzas.
Last year, I ran the Tour des Lacs (Grand Raid of the Pyrénées) in 24 hours. I was completely wasted at the end and I had 3 weeks to recover. I did the same race this year with 2 hours less, enjoying 90% of it and starting to train again after 10 days, feeling no particular fatigue.


As a conclusion, were your objectives reached?

Completely! I feel better in my body thanks to this managed alimentation and my sports challenges are, de facto, improved.


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